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Flex Signs
Flex Signs
SIZE (H x W):
36 in. x 24 in.
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Flex Signs Hold Up To Strong Winds

Flex signs are a unique product for sidewalk advertising. The key advantage of’s flex signs is that they move and sway with wind. Compared to more-traditional forms of signage, flex signs are considerably more weather-resistant—they will not blow away, fall over, or get damaged due to high wind, rain, etc. Flex signs are still portable like A frames, and since they’re made from iron and steel, the material will last a very long time. If you’re looking to advertise in a windy area or somewhere that might experience harsh weather, use flex signs to make your message last. Our flex signs can hold up to whatever you throw, or blow, at them! Stand out from the crowd with’s curb signs.

Curb Signs Are Made From Heavy-Duty Materials

Curb signs are a great way to advertise because they get lots of attention. Our curb signs are durable and strong enough to hold up, regardless of the weather. Curb signs include a heavy-duty base that is made of 1 ½" steel tubing. The top portion of curb signs, which actually holds your signage, is made of ¾" angle iron—the same material you see on real estate signage. In between these two sections of the curb signs are coil springs that allow the sign to sway gently when wind touches it.’s curb signs have been tested in wind up to 60 mph and still hold strong. Rest assured—your message is safe with our pavement signs.

Pavement Signs Can Be Used With a Variety of Substrates

Pavement signs can accommodate signage that is 36" H x 24" W, so save money by adding a sign to your frame with’s Bundle Deal. We recommend Corrugated Plastic, 3MM PVC or Ultra Metal—keep in mind there is a .5" metal border all the way around the pavement signs. The overall dimensions of our pavement signs when assembled are 47.5" tall by 25.5" wide, with a weight of 17 pounds. Assembling your pavement signs is easy. Both legs of the pavement signs can be inserted into the base of the sign section and bolted in place. Then, take your sign panel and insert it into the top portion of the pavement signs. Clips on the back will secure your pavement signs.

Flex signs make an impact and keep your message consistent in all kinds of weather. Use’s curb signs to stand out. Ordering is easy, so buy pavement signs today!

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