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Breakaway Banners
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Breakaway Banners


Pump up the crowd with a grand entrance! Breakaway banners are perfect for your team's next sporting event.

  • Fastened with Velcro; break it apart & put it back together again
  • Resists wear & tear (even from football players!)
  • Show your team pride by creating a custom design
Breakaway Banners
Gloss Vinyl Banner
Size (H x W)
4 ft. x 8 ft.
3 ft. x 6 ft.
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1 Type of Custom
Gloss Vinyl Banner
Build for Extreme Weather

Strongest 13 oz with 1000 x 1000 high tenacity yarn construction that makes it stands up to the harsh outdoor conditions. This high-quality polyester scrim vinyl banner provides excellent image quality and vibrant color.

With thickness of 13 oz./yd.2 (0.14”), this medium weight banner material is highly durable, tear- and fade-resistant, resists curling. 

When displayed outdoor, with glossy coating on top of smooth surface, our professional looking gloss vinyl banners give you the power to go above and beyond your vision.

Understanding Breakaway Banner

The Breakaway option is a characteristic of run-through banners used at youth football game entrance. It is produced as a two-pieces (left & right) banner overlapped in the middle with dots of Velcro secured together to display one continuous design. 

Cheerleaders hold the poles on left and right side, while the Velcro strip allows the banner to break in the middle joint when the team run onto the open field. 

It made for reusable for many seasons and cheers, and is tough just like your favorite team! 

Pole Pocket: Sides

The unique fabrication of breakaway banner is a combination of Breakaway option and Pole Pockets on the side. 

The Pole pockets are produced with 3-inch extra banner material added to the left and right edges of your banner, looped over and stitched with original layer. It includes a 1.9-inch space to insert a wooden pole or rod on each side, so cheerleaders can hold the poles to display the banner at the youth sports event. 

Do not add any crop marks or resize your design, we have built in feature to handle it.  Note: the wooden poles are not included. 

Breakaway & Reuse

Breakaway banners are a fun, energizing way to start off the big game! Signazon prints custom breakaway banners on high-quality vinyl that looks stunning and vibrant, and can be reused all season long. Our reusable breakaway banners save you money and time.

Choose from hundreds of ready made templates or upload your own team design. When using one of our templates, personalize with your team’s name, logo, mascot, colors, and custom messaging. Our high-quality digital printing will produce your design in full color, and can be ordered in any custom size.

All breakaway banners are printed using high-quality, durable gloss or matte vinyl material. These materials are lightweight and portable, making it easy to pack and install your banner between games. Vinyl is durable and weather-resistant, regardless of pouring rain or a heat wave.

Adding the "Breakaway" option ensures that your banner will split into two pieces. The "Outdoor" option adds additional edge reinforcement using stitching or heat welding. Don’t forget to add Side Pole Pockets if you will be using poles to hold your banner.

Motivate your team and get your home crowd excited by creating custom run through banners at! We print and ship fast, so order breakaway signs for your next sporting event!

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