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Can you tell me the size of my back window?
Signazon.com is the only company to provide a free Window Size Wizard that is built into all our rear window graphics pages. This allows you to enter your vehicle’s year, make and model to find estimated sizes for its rear window, as well as a recommended product size based on these dimensions. Since some of these dimensions are an estimate, we always recommend that you verify all four of the measurements given for your specific vehicle. We also offer the option to enter your rear window’s exact measurements to find the recommended product size.

The recommended product size is based on the largest height and width of your vehicle’s rear window (typically the Inner Height and Bottom Width), with an additional 2” added to each dimension. This extra material, called the Safe Zone, gives you 1” of flexibility all the way around to account for errors and adjustments during the application process, as well as the trimming away of excess material after application.

When creating your design online, we recommended leaving a 3” border of just background color around the entire design space. This border consists of the 1” Safe Zone that provides full coverage as well as an additional 2” on each side to ensure that nothing essential (text, images, etc.) is trimmed away during installation.
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