5 Great Summer Marketing Strategies
Summer Marketing Strategies

For many businesses, summer can be a slow season. The majority of customers are busy on vacation and enjoying their time off. While one approach to this decrease in business is to use the time for your own vacation, store renovations, etc., sometimes all it takes to spur summer sales is a unique marketing strategy. Here are some great ideas to help your business beat the Summer Slump.

1. Signage Makeover

While things aren’t so crazy, use the time to change the look of your storefront or other sign advertising. To a certain extent this should happen every season, but especially in the summer. Customers are attracted to things that are new and different, so order custom signs that focus on the season—you’ll want your signs to say things like “Sizzlin’ Hot Deals,” “Summer Specials,” “Beat the Heat,” etc. Summer is about having fun, so if you can create a display that reflects this, customers will be interested in shopping with you. Use a vinyl banner over your storefront to grab customers from far away. In addition, temporary window clings look great and can be removed when summer is over.

2. Customer Gifts and Freebies

Everybody likes a little something for free. Use your business-networking powers to score some summer swag to distribute to your loyal customers. Offer discount tickets or coupons to local water parks, movie theaters, theme parks, zoos, etc., which customers will receive when they shop with you. Another option is to offer gifts with purchase—give away your own products to encourage customers to buy!

3. Social Media Contests

If you’re not using social-networking sites to connect with your customers, now’s the perfect time to get started! Encourage your customers to interact with you by hosting a contest. This could be the best vacation destination, the best summer recipe, or a picture of the hottest temperature—get creative and let your customers share a little bit of themselves. In exchange, you can offer them something free (or even just a discount), which gets publicity and earns you a loyal customer!

4. Events and Sponsorships

Businesses have much success when they support their communities. There are many summer events like sports games, block parties, and cultural festivals of which your business can be part. By sponsoring these events, you’re able to advertise using vinyl banners or even attending the event to meet new customers. If there’s not an event nearby, create your own! Partner with your neighboring businesses to host an event that’s fun for families—great PR, and great for business!

5. Back-to-School Blowout

When summer finally draws to a close, have a back-to-school sale. Even if you don’t sell clothes or school supplies, find a way to make your products/services relevant to school or have an end-of-summer sale. You’ll need to promote this, so prepare your storefront with banners and window graphics, and use your off-site marketing tools as well (radio, TV, billboards, print ads, etc.). The bigger the savings, the more customers!

Summer’s hot, but your business can be as well. Sometimes you a good marketing idea or two will spur business, so rather than sitting back and relaxing, use summer to bring you money!
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