Canvas Prints Care Instructions
Thank you for your recent canvas purchase from! Canvas printing produces photo-realistic prints and can look extraordinary for many years with proper care. We are providing you with recommended care and installation instructions that will keep your canvas looking beautiful.

Care Instructions:

canvas prints are for indoor use only
Canvas prints are for indoor use only. Canvas material is not weatherproof and can be greatly damaged by exposure to high humidity and moisture, which causes the material to mold and mildew.

light canvas with artificial light
Do not keep your canvas in direct sunlight as this can cause the print to fade over time. When lighting the canvas, soft artificial light is best.

how to clean canvas prints
An occasional gentle cleaning may be necessary to maintain the aesthetic quality of your canvas print. The best cleaning technique is to dust the canvas with a soft, lint-free, dry cloth or feather duster. If your canvas requires deeper cleaning, use a lint-free, clean cloth with warm soapy water and gently rub the affected areas. Do not immerse the canvas in water or use cleaning products as these can damage the material.

how to clean canvas prints
If the canvas print is ever nicked or scratched, it can easily be touched up using a felt-tip marker of a similar color.

hanging canvas prints
Properly placing and caring for your canvas prints will mean beautiful, long-lasting artwork for years to come.
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