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Political Magnets

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Political Magnets Are Mobile Campaign Advertising

Political magnets from can be used to show pride in your political party, make a personal statement, or advertise an ongoing campaign. Political magnets represent how you feel, what you believe, or why you want to pitch in and help in your district, town, or city. You can place political magnets on any metal surface of your car to display your message. Whether you are a running in an election as a town, district, or city representative, or you just want to voice your opinion, our free templates for political magnets are fully-customizable, which will save your campaign or cause time and money. If you’re feeling creative, choose a blank template and design your own political magnets using your campaign logos and information. Political magnets can easily be switched between vehicles, which means that wherever you go, you can take your political magnetic signs with you. Build awareness for your message as it travels all over town by using political car magnets.

Political car magnets are an effective advertising strategy for campaigns large and small. Regardless of your political affiliation, use political car magnets to publicize your message. Our political car magnets templates include blue Democrat car magnets and red Republican car magnets. However, if you want to get more-creative, use our easy online designer and customize your own election car magnets. Political car magnets for the Republican Party can publicize a distinct message, demonstrate a certain set of values, or simply use Republican themes and colors to get across a point. Political car magnets for Democratic Party members can proudly display your excitement for change, support for your leaders, or simply communicate your beliefs. During an election season, support your candidate with personalized political car magnets, which include your own custom message. The key is to get the attention of potential voters with custom campaign magnets.

Campaign magnets from can be customized to your own size, or you can choose one of our standard sizes, which include 12x18, 12x24, 18x24, and 24x24. Our election magnets are made from superior-quality 30 mil (.036") magnetic material, which is specially-made for use on vehicles. We also round the corners of campaign magnets so they don’t catch air and fly off the vehicle. Proper care is crucial in extending the life of your campaign magnets. Inspect and clean your campaign car magnets to ensure they remain in proper condition, and remove them during turbulent winds, extreme downpours, and while in car washes. Successful political campaigning requires name recognition, so use campaign magnets to cement your place in the mind of the voting public. Remember, any time you’re promoting a candidate, even when using campaign magnets, it’s important to check with state and local governments to ensure your ad is compliant with regulations. is your source for high-quality, long-lasting campaign magnets.

Political magnets promote your campaign while you’re on the road. Displaying political car magnets could be the key to a campaign victory. We ship fast, so order campaign magnets today!

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