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Car Wraps
Car Wraps
White Vinyl
SIZE (H x W):
12 in. x 18 in.

Custom Car Wraps Make You Stand Out

How many cars did you see on the way to work today? How about cars with car wraps? If you saw one, you can instantly recall what was on that car because it was so different from the other sheep in the herd.

Imagine if that unique car was part of your company’s fleet. Not only is it taking your brand everywhere it goes, people are subconsciously storing your brand’s image in their minds. Your product or service will be more widely recognized than your competition’s, giving you greater brand equity.

Get Into Gear with Car Wraps

Take your marketing efforts to the streets with custom car wraps. More people will see your brand or logo than if you simply relied on traditional signage. Use your vehicle as a mobile billboard. You’ll get more exposure than a stationery billboard on the side of the road because people will see you in traffic.

If you ever need to remove it, the Car Wrap adhesive and material will not damage your vehicle’s paint. We recommend using a professional installer for full-coverage applications. These vehicle wraps are printed in full color and high resolution printing.

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