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Donation Checks
Donation Checks
SIZE (H x W):
18 in. x 36 in.

Donation Checks Emphasize Your Contribution

Donation checks allow community members and supporters to make a generous contribution that will bring recognition to their favorite charity, school or other non-profit organization. From churches to medical centers, colleges and shelter, large donation checks are the perfect way to present a generous gift to any type of organization. Your contributions help create a healthy, loving and safe community, so why not recognize them with big donation checks and a meaningful presentation ceremony? When you need giant donation checks, has it covered. We can produce blank donation checks in any size and quantity you need in just days. That’s why we’re the nationwide leader in giant charity checks.

Charity Checks Reflect a Generous Spirit

Charity checks can be customized for whatever organizations are giving and receiving the donation. With our free, easily-customizable templates for big charity checks, it’s never been easier to design one. Simply add your logo and customize the check information, and you’re ready to order large charity checks for your next presentation. We print in full color, so your charity checks don’t have to look boring—get creative! There’s no extra charge for a custom design, so design blank charity checks that show the significance of the occasion. Make your gift known by ordering oversized donation checks!

Oversized Donation Checks Materials and Options

Oversized donation checks are produced on several different materials. The most-affordable option for oversized donation checks is Eco Board, which looks and feels much like Corrugated Plastic. If you need giant fundraiser checks that are reusable, however, consider upgrading to 3mm or 6mm PVC. These oversized donation checks are sturdy and durable, plus they’re a great choice for the Dry Erase option, which makes the surface of the check completely erasable. When you need to travel with oversized donation checks, select Snap Board, a material that rolls up for easy storage and more-affordable shipping costs. From small, 18x36 oversized donation checks for 1-2 person presentations to extra-large 30x72 pieces for a huge donation, is your source for oversized donation checks.

Donation checks emphasize your generous contribution to a worthwhile organization or cause. No gala, event or presentation is complete without’s custom charity checks.

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