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Are car magnets weather safe and car wash safe?
Signazon.com uses the #1 brand of 30 mil magnets made specifically for outdoor vehicle use. Our car magnets will not fade in the sun, and the ink will not wash away in the rain.

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations. You may have seen magnets that quickly degrade or fade, or you may have seen magnets that adhere too firmly, damaging the car. Many cheap imitations sold for car magnets are actually meant to be used as refrigerator magnets. Others have paper coatings that quickly decolorize and wrinkle.

All of our ink is UV-resistant and should last at least 3 years with no fading, and should never peel, scratch or flake. The car magnet signs will not become demagnetized in the rain or snow. In very heavy rain, it is recommended to remove the magnets to prevent the rain pressure from pushing them off of the vehicle. To guard against dirt buildup, you should clean the surface of the magnets on a regular basis.

We do recommend removing your car magnets before entering a car wash. The water pressure and brushes can be strong enough to pull off the magnets.  

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