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Are there any special requirements for die-cut files?
Die-cutting is a superior technique used to emphasize business logos, marketing tag lines and special events by outlining the unique shape of the graphics. If you select a die-cut option, also known as “Shape Die-Cut" and "Exact Die-Cut", the finished vinyl graphics will be cut to the outside of the logo or image. The product images on the Die-Cut Decals page are a good example of our most-popular custom shape decals for storefronts.

The "Shape Die-Cut" option will cut to the overall shape of the graphics, removing most of the background and leaving a 1/4" to 1/2" border around the design. This is great for creating a custom shape while the background adds contrast. The "Exact Die-Cut" option will cut precisely to the outline of the graphics or text, removing the entire background and leaving only the letters and the image, similar to vinyl lettering.

When you prepare the file, please embed the contour cut lines in the files. We recommend a vector-based file with contour cut lines, such as an .AI, .PDF, .PS or .EPS. If you only have an image file (such as a .PNG, .TIF, .BMP, .GIF or .JPG) which does not show the cutting path, we will modify your file with extended white borders and cut to the shape of the white outlines.

You may also add brief instructions in the “Order Notes” section on the Payment page when you check out.

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