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Can I use Static Cling for the rear window of my vehicle?
Static Cling is not a recommended material for vehicle windows. When choosing a window graphic, we only recommend Car One-Way Vision. This material offers the best visibility and is safest for drivers. Car Magnets and Magic Reusable Decals are alternative options for reusable car signs. Both can easily be applied to the car body, removed and reused (but are not recommended for windows).

Static Cling is not recommended for moving vehicles because:

1. Solid Static Clings and Clear Static Clings do include some solid printing. The solid print or completely-solid decal will block visibility and create a safety hazard for the driver.

2. Most windows are at least slightly-tinted. If you apply a decal or cling to the inside of the glass, the image will be invisible through the tinting.

3. Static Cling has no adhesive, which prevents it from staying secured to glass when on the outside of the window. High wind, rain, and increased speeds can easily pull the cling from the window.
Car One-Way Vision film is the only material that will still allow complete visibility. The decal is applied to the outside of the glass and is unaffected by window tinting.

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