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Can you produce shaped magnets?
Yes, we can produce round, oval, and other shaped car magnets. Select the “Shape Cut” option on any magnetic signs page to have your magnets cut to a custom shape. Signazon automatically rounds the corners of all standard magnets.

Round shaped magnets, like circle magnets and oval magnets work best on vehicles. Unique shapes with sharp corners and intricate designs run the risk of flying off while drying. The multitude of curves and corners involved in a unique cut can create wind catches and pull the magnets off the vehicle. If you choose to cut your magnet to a unique shape, you should inspect your magnets daily.

If you select the “Shape Cut” option, we ask that you provide an original design file with cut lines embedded in the file. We recommend a vector-based file with contour cut lines such as .AI, .PDF, .PS, or .EPS.
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