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How do I measure my vehicle window?
Signazon.com always recommends measuring your vehicle window before ordering to ensure that your rear window graphic fits properly. Our Rear Window Size Wizard is a helpful tool to get you started and provide an estimate of the price of a rear window graphic that is tailor-made for your vehicle, but we still recommend confirming the provided measurements before placing an order.

Standard-Shaped Rear Window Graphics

Most rear windows are shaped like a rectangle, a trapezoid, or have a curved bottom. To order a rear window graphic to fit shapes like these, there are 4 basic measurements that you will need to provide (Outer Height, Inner Height, Top Width and Bottom Width). When measuring your window, stop at the inside edge of any window seal or trim, as this is the actual surface area to which you can apply a rear window graphic.

Inner Height and Outer Height

  • Outer Height: This is vertical distance from the top corner of the window straight down.

  • Inner Height: This is the longest vertical distance from the top to the bottom of the window. In most cases, this is in the middle of the window.

Top Width and Bottom Width

  • Top Width: This is the distance across the top of the window, from the left side to the right side.

  • Bottom Width: This is the distance across the bottom of the window, from the left side to the right side.

We will need all four measurements to ensure your design will fit in your rear window after installation. Providing the largest height and width ensures that you receive enough printed material, whereas the smaller height and width ensure that none of your design elements will be trimmed away during installation.

Odd-Shaped Rear Window Graphics

If your window has a unique shape such as the one seen below, you may need to provide additional measurements as well as a picture of your rear window for us to ensure that your rear window graphic fits properly.

Longest Height
Longest Width

In addition, if your rear window has a wiper, clips, hinges, a handle, or is covered by a spare tire, please provide the location of these elements on your window so that we can ensure your design accommodates them.

Wiper Height

For more information about this unique product and to learn how to ensure a perfect fit, read How To Order a Rear Window Graphic.
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