Foam Board Care Instructions
Thank you for your recent Foam Board purchase from! We appreciate your business and want to ensure you have all the information necessary for your sign to look extraordinary for its full life. We have provided you with recommended care instructions to assist in the care and storage of your recent purchase.

Whether you have chosen Foam Board for a menu board or a display sign, proper care and maintenance is important. Foam board is a somewhat-delicate material due to its polystyrene foam core and clay-coated paper surface. If not carefully handled, foam board can be punctured, dented or warped. Proper storage and careful handling will help to ensure your foam board stays flawless for your upcoming presentation.

Care Instructions:

how to display foam board
Use display stands or additional support when displaying larger foam board to prevent bowing. Foam board can also be easily mounted to a wall using double-sided tape or wall hangers.

foam board is best for indoor use only
Foam board is only recommended for indoor display. Keep away from exterior doors if possible. Foam board is an absorptive medium, making it susceptible to warping when exposed to high humidity, water, and heat. We do not recommend extended exposure to direct sunlight.

how to store foam board
Foam board is best stored flat in its original packaging. Do not lean Foam Board on its edges or stand it vertically. Ideal storage temperature is between 68F - 75F (20°C-24°C) with low humidity (between 45-50%) to prevent warping.
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