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Graduation Yard Signs

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Congratulate Class of 2021 with Graduation Yard Signs

Graduation is a time to celebrate, and with Signazon you can take those celebrations to the next level by recognizing your graduate with a yard sign. Graduation yard signs are the perfect way to say congratulations and show them how proud you are of their accomplishments.   After all the studying is done, the tests are taken, and the grades are in, your lawn sign can show your graduate just how much they mean by letting everyone know that they made it through an important part of their education.  


Graduation Signs for Every Major Milestone

Naturally we think about celebrating graduations after high school and college, but there are plenty of milestones along the way to celebrate as your child grows. Graduation yard signs allow you to display your pride and boost your child’s spirit at any point along the way. Some memorable ones that families like to celebrate include:  

  • Preschool graduation
  • Kindergarten graduation
  • Elementary school graduation
  • Junior high graduation
  • High school graduation
  • College graduation (bachelor’s degrees)

Post-secondary graduation (masters and doctorate degrees)

Designing the Perfect Graduation Yard Sign

One of the reasons people like yard signs so much is how versatile and easy they are to design and display. The standard yard sign is 18 x 24 inches, but you can get them custom made in all shapes and sizes using Signazon’s simple online design tool. You can start with one of our ready-made templates, or design whatever yard sign you want from scratch.  


Since you want people to be able to read your sign from a distance as they drive by, make sure to follow good design principles:

  • Contrast – using a white background with darker text and logos will help the design stand out so people can easily see it from a distance. If your child’s school logo is very light color you can also use a very dark background (black or dark grey) with white text and a lighter logo color, but this can be more difficult for some people to read.
  • Size – as a general rule, for every inch that your text is tall, someone can see it from 10 feet away. So a 2” letter (or around a 144 font size in a traditional word processing program) can be read from 20 feet away, 3” from 30 feet, and so on. Make sure you design your sign with writing big enough for everyone to read from the street in a moving vehicle.
  • Simplicity – simpler is usually better with all kinds of yard signs, and graduation signs are no different. Keep it simple with a short message of congratulations, a school logo, and your grad’s name so your message doesn’t get lost. Our sample templates can help you get ideas about exactly what to say and how to lay it out on the yard sign for maximum impact.
  • Two-sided printing – you can choose to print on just one side and face it out toward the road, or get two-sided printing from Signazon and make sure that everyone can read the message. That way you can place it sideways so cars can see it in both directions, or you can place it with one side facing out and the other one facing your house so your graduate will smile every time they come and go.
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