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Grand Opening Banners

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Grand Opening Banners Set the Tone For Success

Grand opening banners focus attention on your new store, office, or other business. It’s important to make a good impression in your community, so use grand opening banners to show potential customers what you have to offer. When you open strong, business stays steady and buzz grows about your store, and grand opening banners are the key to a successful opening event. Hang grand opening banners or grand re-opening banners over your storefront entrance, post them in your yard or parking lot, or even use them around town letting customers know they can now shop in your store. The goal is to build excitement and anticipation about your opening, so by displaying large grand opening banners, you’re letting the viewer know that something big is happening. Make sure you’re fully-staffed and that you open early, as you’re sure to have a crowd when you use now open banners.

Open banners are often used by retailers to increase grand opening sales, but they’re useful for other organizations as well. The purpose of now open banners is simply to get attention, so any facility, be it a church, school, non-profit, or business office, can use them effectively. offers a variety of fully-customizable templates which you can use to create open banners, opening soon banners or grand re-opening banners that are personalized to your business or group. Since they are made using high-quality, full-color digital printing, your now open banners will look vibrant, eye-catching and professional. Open banners can be printed at any size you need, although standard sizes are available. For indoor open banners, 2x4 is a great choice. If you’re hanging your now open banners outdoors, you’ll want to select at least 3x6 or larger, with the addition of the "Outdoor" option, which adds more durability to your coming soon banners.

Coming soon banners build even more excitement and anticipation before a grand opening. Place an opening date or countdown on your coming soon banners so potential customers know exactly when the store or business will open. Order opening soon banners well in advance of your opening date so that buzz will start building. Coming soon banners ensure that you’ll have a line in front of your store on opening day. Coming soon banners are affordable enough that you can switch them out as your opening date approaches—it’s important to always keep customers in the loop! Lay the groundwork for a successful grand opening event with’s coming soon banners.

Grand opening banners ensure that the moment your doors open for the first time, you’ll have a crowd. If you’re in a hurry,’s quick production time will ensure you have your now open banners time for the big day, plus Rush production and Overnight shipping are available if necessary. Your Grand Opening defines the future of your business, so order coming soon banners now to start off on the right track!

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