Install Backlit Film Inside Glass
Backlit Film can be installed on both glass and Plexiglas surfaces easily. These instructions list the tools and steps you'll need to know how to apply Backlit Film on the Inside of your window or light box facing outward. Following these "Backlit Film Inside Glass" guidelines will ensure that your backlit signs last a long time and continue to look extraordinary.

Install supplies for Backlit Film Inside Glass
Tools Needed:

Two peope, MASKING tape (scotch tape may damage material), squeegee, razor blade or Exacto knife, glass cleaner, and paper towel.


Using glass cleaner, clean windows thoroughly to ensure proper adhesion. Read through installation instructions carefully. Backlit Film should always be installed dry. Do not use water to install this product. Best installed when outside temperatures are over 65F with low humidity.

Install Backlit Film Inside Glass Step 1
Step 1

Measure to find your desired location or center point of the glass.

Install Backlit Film Inside Glass step 2
Step 2

Place the Backlit Film in the desired location, with paper backing against glass. Place a strip of masking tape down the center, as well as in all four corners. Apply tape loosely, as it will be removed soon.

Install Backlit Film Inside Glass step 3
Step 3

Choose one side and remove the corner tape. Gently and slowly pull away the backing at a 45 angle to prevent stretching or tearing. Stop when you reach the center tape line. Have a second person hold the exposed film as you use the razor blade to remove the loose paper backing.

Tip: If you do not have a razor blade, tear the top of the backing and pull it straight down, making as clean a tear as possible.

Install Backlit Film Inside Glass step 4
Step 4

Starting in the center and working your way outward, use the squeegee to make sweeping motions, pressing the film down firmly onto the glass. Take your time to avoid bubbles.

Install Backlit Film Inside Glass step 5
Step 5

Once the first half is installed, remove all remaining masking tape. Lift the uninstalled material and slowly pull away the remaining backing at a 45 angle.

Install Backlit Film Inside Glass step 6
Step 6

Repeat Step 4 on the second half of the Backlit Film, starting in the center and working your way out.

Install Backlit Film Inside Glass installed
Step 7

You're done! Once the installation is complete, your backlit print is ready to be lit for attractive day and night advertising.

Tips for Installing Backlit Film
Perfecting Your Backlit Film:

Most bubbles, especially if near the edge, can be pressed outward. However, if they persist, use the corner of a razor blade or sharp pin to make a small puncture in the bubble to release the air as you press down on it with your finger or the squeegee.

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