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Magnetic Numbers
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Magnetic Numbers


Let the numbers speak for themselves. Bold magnetic numbers at low prices.

  • Simple, eye-catching 30 mil Magnetic
  • Recommended for slow-moving or stationary vehicles
  • Start customizing your design online for free
Magnetic Numbers
Easy Stick Vinyl
Size (H x W)
10 in. x 20 in.
12 in. x 24 in.
18 in. x 24 in.
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2 Types of Custom
For Metal Vehicle Doors

Our car magnets are made in the USA from the highest-quality thermoplastic magnets available. Free of dead spots, they are magnetized to withstand rain, sleet, snow and heat.

Strong yet flexible, they mount easily on any flat metallic surface, including cars, filling cabinets, and other machinery. Thickness: 30 mil (.036”). Rounded corners to prevent fly-aways. All magnets are finished with latex ink and overcoat to ensure scratch resistance and better UV protection than traditional UV inks. 

Easy Stick Vinyl
For Fiberglass & Aluminum

While our magnets are great, if your vehicle is made of fiber glass, Aluminum or you want oversize graphics, Easy Stick Vinyl is the way to go. Powered by new patented, low-tack adhesive technology, it is light weight, removable, reusable, and leaves no residue.

When ready to install, remove the back protective paper liner, and apply with firm pressure to a clean, smooth, flat surface on the vehicle. For storing, put it back on to the protective paper liner. 

To ensure its longevity, please keep the low-tack-adhesive back side free of dust and debris.

Understanding Car Magnet

Reflective option is produced an engineer-grade 3M vinyl film with 7 mil thickness. When light hits the material, it reflects, drawing attention to your sign. Great for advertising at night. The most important thing to know is that the entire white film we print on is coated with reflective elements. That means that as more ink is printed on your piece, it becomes less reflective. 

Tip: Light colors typically work best. You’ll want to stay away from full-image backgrounds and lots of dark tones. White space is your friend and will ensure your final piece is as reflective as possible.

Shape Die-Cut

Pick from 8 different Standard Shapes, say good bye to the ordinary rectangle signs! 

It will transform the entire shape of your final product to an eye catching shape.



Magnetic Numbers Stand Out On Your Vehicle

Magnetic numbers are a unique way to identify a vehicle or other metal surface. Whether you want your car to look like a race vehicle or you have a large amount of machinery that needs sorting, magnetic numbers are the perfect solution.’s customized magnetic numbers can be taken on and off as needed, which is great for switching up your message or if you only need to display it temporarily. Use magnetic numbers on any flat, smooth surface that is made of metal. Cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, heavy machinery, appliances (refrigerators, dishwashers, etc.), doors, and more are all great places to display magnetic numbers. Our high-quality magnetic number plates look professional and impressive wherever they are used. makes it easy to order custom magnetic numbers. Get attention with our full-color number magnets.

Number magnets can be customized for your needs. You can order a full set of number magnets or just the numbers necessary for your project. Our easy online designer lets you create number magnets in any combination you choose. produces number magnets using full-color digital printing, so select as many colors as you want. We offer a wide variety of fonts for number magnets, however bold, simple fonts are considerably-easier to cut and also easier to see from a distance. We recommend that your car number magnets be at least 4-6" tall for these reasons as well. Keep in mind that this product will be die-cut directly around the edges of the numbers; any background color in your design will be cut away from your magnetic car numbers.

Magnetic car numbers from are produced using a sturdy 30 mil (.036) magnetic material. This material is designed for use on vehicles, however we don’t recommend displaying magnetic car numbers on your vehicle while in-motion. Since magnetic car numbers are cut to specific shapes, the sharp corners and edges of the numbers can cause them to fly off when the vehicle is traveling at speed. Magnetic car numbers should be used for stationary vehicles (at a dealership, car show, etc.) or at the most slow-moving vehicles (i.e. vehicles in a parade, escort vehicles, etc.). Magnetic car numbers and magnetic house numbers, while not a permanent solution, are an affordable way to display an important message. Choose when you need high-quality magnetic car numbers.

Magnetic numbers are a great product for specific uses. Our custom number magnets can help you sell a car, identify machinery, and more. Order magnetic car numbers today!

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