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Mounted Trapeze Bars
Mounted Trapeze Bars
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18 in.
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Mounted Trapeze Bars, Your Hanging Solution

Mounted trapeze bars allow you to hang your banner from the wall. Great for retailers, small businesses, and more, mounted trapeze bars allow you to display vertical banners anywhere around your business. It’s a fuss-free, instant way to create a custom wall display.

With a simple, but ingenious design, our mounted trapeze bars are made from a study, but lightweight aluminum with an elegant satin finish. Mounting hardware comes with your order making installation easy. Attach the brackets to the top bar and drill them into the wall. The bottom of your banner drops freely, weighed down by the second bar. To replace your banner, simply unscrew the top bar from the brackets, slip on your banner, and re-attach it’s quick and simple.

Priced affordably, mounted trapeze bars won’t break the bank. You can even bundle your trapeze bars with a custom banner to save money. Top it off with fast shipping and you’ve got it made. Get yours today!
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