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Real Estate Sign Posts


Give your listing a simple, classic look with a real estate sign post.

  • Made from sturdy, white vinyl PVC
  • Post: 60"H x 4"W x 4"D; Arm: 40"L x 2"W x 3.5"D
  • Works great with signs up to 36"H x 32"W
Real Estate Sign Posts
Frame + Sign
Sign Only
Frame Only
Frame Size (H x W)
60 in. x 40 in.
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3 Types of Custom
Corrugated Plastic
Light, Easy Transport

The most-common yard sign material. Twin-wall plastic sheet products produced from high-impact polypropylene resin. Fully-recyclable and considered to be environmentally friendly.

Features—Thickness: 2.45 oz. (0.16”). Affordably priced and weather-resistant. Can be 1- or 2-sided. Life expectancy: 3-6 months, with proper care and storage.

Best For—Personal use yard signs (for birthdays, weddings, etc.), political campaign signs, golf tournament signs, temporary business advertising.

.040 Aluminum
For Long-Term Use

A thin, white-coated metal. Remarkable for its ability to resist corrosion and durability, along with its light weight.

Features—Thickness: .040 in. Nontoxic, nonmagnetic, and non-sparking. Life expectancy: 3 years.

Best For—Business yard signs, real estate yard signs, OSHA signs, security signs, property signs, parking signs and directional signs.

.125 Aluminum ACM
Built Strong

A high-strength aluminum composite that consists of two sheets of .015mm aluminum with a solid polyethylene core. Stronger and more durable than regular Aluminum, which results in fewer dings and dents.

Features—Thickness: 5mm (3/16”). Features a bright white face for superior print quality. Modern-looking Brushed Silver and Brushed Gold finishing available for additional cost. Life expectancy: Lifetime.

Best For—Professional real estate signs, building signage and other long-term business signage.

Real Estate Sign Posts from are easy to assemble and come with all of the hardware needed to display real estate yard signs. These PVC realtor sign posts weigh 15 pounds and are designed for real estate professionals, however they work great for business advertising as well.

Installation is easy. Simply drive the stake into the ground, slide the post through the stake and hang your sign using the included hooks.

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