Install Rear Window Graphics
Thank you for purchasing a rear window graphic from! We are providing you with the following guidelines to ensure that your car window graphics are properly applied to the outside of your rear window and last a long time, continuing to look extraordinary. You can also view our Rear Window Graphics Installation Video below to see the full process:

Car one way vision supplies
Tools Needed:

Two people, glass cleaner, paper towels, measuring tape, MASKING tape (scotch tape may damage material), squeegee, razor blade or Exacto knife.


Clean the outside of the window with a glass cleaner before installation. For the best results, we recommend that the outside temperature be over 65F with low humidity. Always install with a dry application—do not use water.

Install car one way vision step 1
Step 1

Lay the rear window graphic across the window with the backing still attached. The backing should be against the glass. Measure the height and width of the window using the tape measure to find the center point.

Install car one way vision step 2
Step 2

Once you have centered your rear window graphic, place masking tape down the center and in all four corners.

Install car one way vision step 3
Step 3

Choose one side and remove the corner tape. Gently and slowly pull away the backing at a 45 angle to prevent stretching or tearing. Stop when you reach the center tape line. Have a second person hold the exposed film as you use the razor blade to remove the loose paper backing.

Install car one way vision step 4
Step 4

Firmly apply the rear window graphic using the squeegee, starting from the center of the decal and moving in a fan-like motion, up and outwards and then down and outwards, working toward the outer edge. Use even pressure to flatten the decal against the window, pushing out any bubbles.

Install car one way vision step 5
Step 5

Once the first half is installed, remove all remaining masking tape. Lift the uninstalled material and slowly pull away the remaining backing at a 45 angle. Firmly apply the remaining side of material, starting from the center and working outwards.

Install car one way vision step 6
Step 6

Once both sides are installed, squeegee over the entire decal, starting from the center and working outwards, again in a fan-like motion. This will push any remaining bubbles to the outer edges.

Install car one way vision step 7
Step 7

Use a razor blade to carefully outline the window all the way around, trimming off any excess material.

Install car one way vision step 8
Step 8

Using the squeegee, follow along the trimmed edge to ensure the graphic is secured to the window. You're done!

Install Tips for car one way vision
Perfecting Your Rear Window Graphic:

Any remaining bubbles or wrinkles, (especially near the edges) can be pressed outward with a squeegee.

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