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School Banners and Sports Signs

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School Banners Welcome Students and Promote Events

School banners motivate new and returning students throughout the school year.’s full-color, vinyl school banners help increase school spirit and pride at your elementary school, grade school, junior high school, middle school, high school, or college. Custom school banners can be used in a multitude of ways. They inform students and others in the community about upcoming events. Place school banners outside the school’s entrance to catch the eye of parents dropping of their children. For example, use preschool banners to direct and inform parents where they can find their children. Using school banners results in better attendance at sporting events and performances, more revenue for school-wide fundraisers (book fairs, bake sales, Fall Festivals, etc.), and so much more. has a solution for every school, from elementary school to high school to college banners.

College banners are a great option for actual colleges and universities as well as loyal fans and even lower-level schools. Anyone can use college banners, whether you’re promoting an on-campus event, you’re showing loyalty for your alma mater, or you’re announcing where your graduates will be attending college. has a variety of professionally-designed templates which you can customize for free to create one-of-a-kind college banners. It’s free to add your school’s mascot, colors, mottos, yells, etc. to your college banners. What better way to show school spirit than announcing it to the world with large, full-color college banners? College banners beautify your campus for Homecoming, Welcome Week, Parent’s Weekend, or even just during the year to keep students informed of what’s going on around campus. College banners are affordable and versatile, much like high school banners.

High school banners can be used in school hallways, entrances and atriums to welcome back students and wish success in the 2015-2016 school year. If your school has a motto, use it on your elementary school banners and high school banners to motivate your students. By placing high school banners at the entrances and exits of campus, they are the first and last thing students see as they enter/leave your school. High school banners with inspirational messages such as "Anchored in Excellence" and "The Key is Me!" can stay up throughout the year in common areas, encouraging students to work hard and get good grades. Use preschool banners to direct and inform parents where they can find their children. offers high school banners in a variety of materials which are durable enough to last throughout the years. With any size and quantity available, we make it stay in-budget when ordering high school banners.

School banners set the tone for a successful 2015-2016 school year. With a variety of options from preschool banners to elementary school banners to high school banners and even college banners, is your one-stop shop. We ship fast, so order now!

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