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Sponsor Banners Showcase Generous Sponsors

Sponsor banners are a great way to sell more sponsorships for your event or fundraiser. When sponsors contribute to your event, they expect to receive some sort of publicity in return, so feature their business with custom sponsor banners from, which can be displayed during your event. This is an easy method for acquiring donations, as your sponsor banners will be viewed by a captive audience, which could bring in potential new business for your donors. Even if your donors are individuals and not a business, thank them for their generous contribution on your sponsor banners. Whether you’re planning a charity gala, a golf tournament, a foot race, a food drive, or something completely different, sponsor banners are a must-have. Give your contributors the recognition they deserve with sponsorship banners.

Sponsorship Banners Customized With Logos and Event Details

Sponsorship banners from can be customized using our fully-editable, professionally-designed templates. Personalize your sponsorship banners with your event name, date and theme colors, as well as your sponsor’s logos or pictures. Make sure you always acquire high-resolution logos from your donors so that your sponsorship banners look clear and professional. Many customers order sponsorship banners to use as backdrops for the event photos, and can definitely accommodate this request. If you’d like your sponsorship banners to use a step-and-repeat pattern, simply upload each logo once and we can arrange the pattern for you. Don’t forget to add a personal message to your sponsorship banners thanking everyone who contributed for their generosity. With free customization, great templates and full-color printing, is your go-to source for fundraising banners.

Fundraising Banners Are Affordable and Reusable

Fundraising banners help promote upcoming events and spotlight the cause to which the fundraiser is contributing. Since many fundraisers occur annually, it’s important that your fundraising banners are durable and weather-resistant. Thus, when ordering fundraiser banners for use outdoors, choose our gloss vinyl material. If you’ll be using fundraising banners inside your venue, matte vinyl and canvas are great options that look more-elegant and also don’t glare in photos. We can print fundraising banners in any size you need, plus we don’t have a minimum quantity, so you can order just one or hundreds of fundraiser banners. If you can afford it, order new fundraising banners for each year’s event with the new date and sponsors. However, if budgets are tight, you can reuse your fundraising banners.

Sponsor banners stand out at your event and give your donors great exposure. Create custom sponsorship banners for any occasion using’s free templates and easy online designer. We ship fast, so order last-minute fundraising banners now!

Sponsor Banners
Sponsor Banners
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