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Outdoor Banners
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Outdoor Banners


Draw more attention for your event or business with a custom outdoor banner.

  • Get more exposure for your money
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Outdoor Banners
Size (H x W)
2 ft. x 4 ft.
3 ft. x 6 ft.
4 ft. x 8 ft.
Gloss Vinyl Banner
Matte Vinyl Banner
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Get it 3/23/2023
Order Within
19 hrs, 43 mins
2 Types of Custom
Gloss Vinyl Banner
Build for Extreme Weather

Strongest 13 oz with 1000 x 1000 high tenacity yarn construction that makes it stands up to the harsh outdoor conditions. This high-quality polyester scrim vinyl banner provides excellent image quality and vibrant color.

With thickness of 13 oz./yd.2 (0.14”), this medium weight banner material is highly durable, tear- and fade-resistant, resists curling. 

When displayed outdoor, with glossy coating on top of smooth surface, our professional looking gloss vinyl banners give you the power to go above and beyond your vision.

Matte Vinyl Banner
Excellent Image Quality

Designed for in-store display and indoor events, this matte banner is top coated with a specially formulated matte finishing to reduces glare caused by camera flashes and fluorescent bulbs. For safety, it is fire-retardant and meets NFPA701 code.

Matte vinyl banner produces consistent image quality and optimal color reproduction to bring out the most vibrant color. You can count on it to present dazzling printed designs under the spotlight. 

Understanding Vinyl Banner
With the 2-Sided option, designs will be printed on both sides of the strong materials with a build in block out feature to ensure durability and full opacity blocking the design from seeing through from other side. For 2 sided banners, we use 18 oz heavy weighted vinyl. Keep in mind: If the design contains an arrow element, be aware the front and back must have different files with the arrow flipped to show opposite arrows in each file. 
Grommets are the most common way to display a banner. One can used with zip ties, ropes, & bungee cords. Our silver nickel grommets are in each corner and every 2-3 feet along the top and bottom edges. The placement distributes the weight of the banner evenly and keeps it from sagging. The size #2 grommets have inner diameter of 0.5 inch, and the outer of 0.75 inch.  To avoid any text or images from being punched off, best practice is to keep the design away from 1 inch edges
Reinforced Edges
When displaying a Banner outdoors, wind will cause more wear and tear as it tugs and pulls on the Banner’s attached bungees or fixtures. For 2X the durability, we offer reinforced edges to absorb most of the pressure. It will add 1” of extra material to the top and bottom edges, which we fold over, and then hem them to create strong, finished edges. 
Reinforced webbing is 3X stronger by sewing cross-stitched 1 inch nylon strip inside of the reinforced edges. It is commonly used on large banners for maximum strength and durability. The grommets will penetrate through 2 layers of vinyl and 1 additional layer of webbing, which greatly reduces the risk of the grommets tearing out in wind. 

Outdoor Banners Are an Affordable Advertising Alternative

Outdoor banners get attention for any business, party or special event.’s large, custom outdoor banners are affordable and portable, which means you get maximum exposure for a minimal price. Using outdoor banners is hard to beat in terms of ROI compared to traditional forms of advertising. You can display vinyl outdoor banners practically anywhere, from hung above your storefront entrance to mounted in a front yard or even across a building. Outdoor banners are great for promoting your business grand opening or sale, informing others about an upcoming event, or directing event guests to your venue. Even personal consumers can use vinyl outdoor banners to create a festive atmosphere at a birthday party, backyard BBQ, or even a wedding. Choose when you need high-quality, custom outside banners.

Outside banners can be personalized for any occasion. We have a wide variety of fully-editable templates with beautiful designs which you can use to create outside banners. Our high-quality outdoor banner printing process produces stunning full-color outside banners that will catch the eye of anyone who sees them. To make a bigger impact, customize your outside banners with details about your business or event. Be sure to include personalized content such as custom pictures, and your favorite colors. We offer free personalization so here’s your chance to get a little creative by designing one-of-a-kind outside banners that make a strong statement. Outside banners are often viewed from a distance, so make sure your text is large, bold, and contrasts your background color so everyone can read it easily. Your event or business is sure to succeed when you use’s custom exterior banners.

Exterior banners from are printed on high-quality, durable vinyl material. This material is the industry standard for exterior banners because it is affordable, lightweight and weather-resistant. Our highly-advanced digital printing process uses ink that will not fade under direct sunlight. This means your exterior banners will always look stunning. Since you will be displaying exterior banners outdoors for a long period of time, the "Outdoor" option reinforces the edges for additional durability. Grommets can be added for easy hanging and mounting. We print exterior banners in any custom size or quantity you need, so you’ll have no problem finding a solution for your budget. When you’re in a hurry, is your source for high-quality, low-cost exterior banners.

Outdoor banners attract attention and offer great durability.’s customizable outside banners help you send a personalized message for any event. Order exterior banners today!

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