Corrugated Plastic Care Instructions
Thank you for purchasing a Corrugated Plastic sign from! We are providing you with the following care and installation instructions to help ensure that your corrugated plastic sign will continue to look great throughout its entire life.

What is corrugated plastic?
How to Use Corrugated Plastic

Corrugated plastic signs are designed with flutes (air gaps) that run vertically through the center of the sign. These flutes help create rigid and durable plastic signs. Wire stakes (H-frames) are the ideal accessory for coroplast signs because the stakes themselves are designed to insert directly into the sign flutes and then into the ground.

Installing corrugated plastic in an H frame
How to Install Wire Stakes:

1. Insert the top prongs of the wire stakes into the sign flutes.
2. Push the bottom portion of the wire stakes into the ground.

Install Corrugated Plastic with Velcro
Install Corrugated Plastic with Grommets
Install Corrugated Plastic in a Metal Frame

Corrugated plastic signs can also be drilled into metal real estate sign frames or a frame signs. They can also be attached to a flat surface using double-sided tape or Velcro. If you selected to have grommets added to your corrugated plastic sign, you can attach the sign using suction cups, zip-ties, rope, or bungee cords.

Note: Corrugated plastic signs should not be placed near extreme heat sources, as the material is sensitive to high heat and can curve or warp. In addition, do not place heavy objects onto your corrugated plastic signs as the interior structure could be crushed.
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