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Signicade A Frames
Signicade A Frames
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36 in. x 24 in.
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Signicade A Frames Make Your Business Stand Out

Signicade A frames are an effective form of outdoor advertising and a great way to encourage foot traffic. Signicade A frames can be placed at storefront entrances as well as along sidewalks to get the attention of potential customers and clients. Using Signicade A frames is a cost-effective way to advertise upcoming events, current business promotions, Help Wanted, etc. At the very least, Signicade A frames help with brand awareness and development as they get the attention of those who pass by your location. A key advantage of Signicade A frames is that they are lightweight and portable. You can display Signicade A frames during the day, and then after hours simply take them inside. makes advertising easy with custom Plasticade signs.

Plasticade Signs Offer Light Weight and Easy Portability

Plasticade signs are constructed from 100% plastic, which means that they will not rust, splinter or fade. Plasticade signs are the industry standard in the A frame market because of their overall versatility and user-friendliness. At the top of Plasticade signs are molded handles which provide for easy grip and portability. The total weight of Plasticade signs is 18 lbs. (without signage installed). Our Plasticade signs are 45" tall by 25" wide, which includes an area for 36"x24" signage on either side. The top of Plasticade signs has a hole which allows for sand ballasting up to 5 lbs. This adds stability to your plastic A frame signs.

Plastic A Frame Signs Can Be Used With Many Different Materials

Plastic A frame signs can be used with a variety of sign materials which can be included as a Bundle Deal. We recommend using one of three products with plastic A frame signs. Order 2 36"x24" panels of either Corrugated Plastic, 3mm PVC, or Vinyl Decal Film to place on your plastic A frame signs. You can easily change out plastic A frame signs using double-sided tape, Velcro, screws, or bolts. Set-up and take-down of plastic A frame signs is easy—simply open the hole in the top of frame and ballast it with sand while in use. When finished, lift and close the plastic A frame signs and you’re ready to transport them. is your source for durable, high-quality plastic A frame signs.

Signicade A frames are a popular way to attract new customers and get attention for your business or event. Our Plasticade signs are lightweight and easy to transport, but durable enough to withstand continued use. We ship fast, so order plastic A frame signs today!

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