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How are clear decals produced?
Clear decals are a unique and eye-catching advertising option and are quite popular with customers. As Clear Vinyl and Clear Static Cling are such unique materials, there are a variety of production options available.

The most-common request for clear decals is opaque (solid) color text or images on clear material. In order to do this, we use a layer of special white ink behind the color to create a solid image. Our software recognizes color and automatically applies a white layer behind the color to ensure that it prints solid.

Note that our machines do not recognize white as a color, because in design programs it is the absence of color. In order to print opaque white text or images, you will need to add a 1% cyan fill in the CMYK settings of any white section of the artwork that should be printed solid white. Doing this allows the white to be recognized by our printers and will produce white ink. Without a 1% cyan fill, any white in your file will not be printed and will be clear.

Transparent clear is absence of printing. Even if you uploaded an image with a transparent background, make sure to select a clear material and specify your intention in the Order Notes section when checking out.

If you wish to have a transparent color background (similar to stained glass), we can print color directly onto the clear film without any white ink backing. The colors in your design will appear, however they will be less-vivid and light will pass through them. Again, specify in your Order Notes if this is how you would like your file to be printed.

If you receive an email asking for clarification about your order for clear material, please respond as quickly as you can so your order can move to production. For more-detailed information, please read our Design Clear Decals with White Ink Printing guide.
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