Business Sign Design Tips That Really Work
When designing signs for your business, it’s important that you take your time and choose your design elements carefully. Whether you’re identifying the name of your company, showcasing products and services, or promoting a current sale, the content and aesthetics of your signage will dramatically impact its effectiveness. Though graphic designers can certainly give your signage a more-creative, professional touch, successful business sign design is something you as a business owner can certainly accomplish on your own. Here are some of’s most-useful sign design tips.

Bold Signs
Tip #1: Don’t Be Afraid To Be Bold With Your Signage.

Potential customers and clients often don’t have much time to view your sign, so your design has to make an impact quickly. Look around at other store signs in your area—you’ll notice that bright colors are a popular choice. Depending on where your sign is placed, you’ll want to choose colors that contrast the background area that will show behind the sign. In addition, the content of your sign should stand out from the background. Use a light background with dark text or vice versa. This adds depth and dimension to your signs, which makes them easier to read.

Colorful Signs
Tip #2: Business Sign Design Is Not Always Black and White.

Do some research into color theory to see what “message” the color of your sign will send. For example, red implies urgency, which is why it’s often used for retail signs promoting a sale. Blue, on the other hand, is calming and is a great choice for creating a relaxing feeling (for a spa, medical office, etc.). Grab a color wheel and get creative. However, a little color goes a long way, and if you use too much your sign may look messy. Stick to 2-3 colors that are consistent with the rest of your branding and can easily be identified with your business.

Signs With a Strong Message
Tip #3: Make Sure Your Signs Deliver a Strong Message.

The first impression your sign makes is very important, but the content displayed on your signs is even more crucial. When writing the content of your signage, identify the main message your sign needs to convey and make that the spotlight. This could be something simple like the name of your business or that your celebrating a Grand Opening, or it could be something more-specific, like the details of your current business promotion or even your store hours. Don’t take sign content lightly—spend some time editing and revising your message so that it’s memorable and catchy. Leave the viewer wanting to know more.

Big Signs
Tip #4: Business Signs Should Be Big and Brief.

When advertising on your storefront, you often have a lot of space to use. That doesn’t mean you should cover every bit of it with information, however. Use an editing eye; what you think is crucial might not really be that necessary upon further inspection. Be big and bold so that your message stands out, but keep the content short and to the point. Catch the eye of a viewer from far away and draw them over to your entrance to learn more. When choosing a font, avoid highly-intricate script fonts—they make look pretty, but they’re also very hard to read.

Metal Signs
Tip #5: Choose Your Custom Signs Carefully.

Another important part of designing business signs is choosing the right material to display your message. Material choice can impact the effectiveness of your signs more than you might initially think. For example, temporary signage should be printed on an easily-removable material like window clings or even promotional banners. These signs will only be displayed in front of your business for a short period of time (to identify a sale, promote an event, etc.). For long-term branding, use something more-permanent, like large Ultra Metal signs in front of your entrance or even adhesive store window lettering. Many viewers have expectations for how these types of sign materials are to be used, so they look at them differently. If you choose the wrong material, your sign may not even be noticed by your viewer.

With an attractive color scheme that has plenty of contrast, and a compelling message written in a large, bold font, your business signs should bring you lots of success. Unfortunately there’s no guarantee with business sign design, however these sign design tips have proven to be effective time and time again. Designing signs doesn’t have to be hard—with free, fully-customizable templates and an online design tool, is makes it easy. Start designing today!

Page Authored By Katherine Halek

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