The Top 5 Businesses That Need Storefront Signage
Regardless of the industry in which your business is located, it’s likely that it has some sort of physical, brick-and-mortar presence. Even if you don’t see customers at your location, creating a well-designed, professional-looking business storefront is extremely important. Here we will identify 5 different industries that should use some type of storefront signage. These top 5 businesses are not an exhaustive list by any means, but rather a spotlight of the variety of business types that can use signage to stand out, enhance brand awareness, and ultimately increase business revenue.

1. Retailers

Retail Storefront
As a retailer, you’re used to competing for the attention of customers. One of the best ways retail businesses can do this is by presenting an attractive offer with store window signs that feature best-selling products, low prices, etc. Using vibrant colors and creative, compelling images catches the eye of window shoppers and ultimately leads to more traffic in your store. Thus, as a retailer, it’s important that your window clings and other advertisements look unique and memorable. Use advertising banners to make a big statement and stand out from a distance. With any storefront marketing, focus on creating a design that reflects your target customer and the type of life that he or she lives (or at least aspires to live). Research your market and know your client base so that you can connect with them.

2. Professional Services

Professional Storefront
When a potential client or customer approaches your office, you get one chance to make the first impression. Though typical business offices don’t need “sale” advertising, it’s still important to 1) identify your company and 2) show what makes it unique. At the very least, provide your contact information, such as business name, phone number, hours of operation, website, etc., with vinyl lettering or even die-cut decals that are cut to the shape of your business logo. Another great option is etched glass decals, which are made from an elegant silver vinyl that has an appearance similar to frosted glass when installed on a window. Whether your business is a law firm, a bank, a real estate agency, or some other type of service, investing in the aesthetics of your storefront shows clients that you take your business seriously and that you can be trusted.

3. Health & Beauty Businesses

Health & Beauty Storefront
From doctor’s clinics to day spas, the goal of the health and beauty industry is to make your patients and clients feel at ease. Privacy and dignity is essential, as well as a tranquil, relaxing ambience. When a new client approaches your clinic or spa, they should feel welcome and invited. While they are inside your facility, they should feel secluded and safe, but not trapped. Natural sunlight streaming through your windows keeps your office bright and pleasant, but it can sometimes be bothersome. The perfect solution for all these concerns is a material called one-way vision film. Covering your office windows with one-way vision allows you to display an attractive scene to connect with customers, however because the material is micro-perforated, from the inside patients and clients can still see out. Light will pass through the material but viewers from the outside will not be able to see through it, providing the privacy you need.

4. Restaurants

Restaurant Storefront
The saying “people eat with their eyes first” is definitely true when it comes to marketing your restaurant, bakery, bar, or other type of food-service business. Your storefront should get potential customers’ mouths watering as they see your delicious food. In addition, most restaurants have a daily special, dish of the month, or some other featured promotion. One must-have product for every restaurant is the Signicade A Frame. This accessory can be used with all different types of signs, which are easy to switch out as needed to display your current special. A frame signs placed out in front of your entrance add depth and dimension to your storefront, catching the eye of hungry diners and drawing them inside.

5. Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profit Storefront
Most non-profits have a physical presence, so using storefront signage to identify it helps build trust, authority, and legitimacy. Whether you represent a church, a school, a charity or other foundation, to get attention for your cause you’re going to have to make it stand out. Use window signs or even metal signs to identify your contact information as well your official non-profit status. When planning on-site events such as donation drives or charity galas, large, outdoor banners hung in front of your facility help get attention and generate buzz. Use your signage as a way to feature what your cause is all about. To generate support (and donations), your storefront advertising should build an emotional connection that resonates with the viewer.

Even if your company is different from these top 5 businesses, creating a professional, branded business storefront helps your physical location make a strong impact with potential customers and clients and ultimately sets the tone for success. Get started by ordering storefront signage today!

Page Authored By Stephen Evans

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